幾可亂真| 用針織織成的食物藝術品

針織藝術不只限用於毛衣、頸巾等衣物,更可以用來製作幾可亂真的「食物」 。

一位布藝設計師Jessica Dance ,以針織藝術編織出各種幾可亂真的食物,為觀眾帶來有趣的視覺體驗。


這不就是我常吃的all-day breakfast嗎 ?

這款 cheese platter 好像也不錯。

以下這個熱狗真是造得相當精緻 !


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#Repost from @hollytucker …. For our final #startabusinessmonth story, I spoke to @jessicadance_maker 💫 An incredible textile artist who is currently in the process of setting up an interior design studio too! Some serious talent here…you are amazing Jess xx . Over to Jess🙌 . 1.Don’t be afraid to be a real Human. Your humanity and creativity is what will set you apart from others. I spent a very long time trying to be as invisible as possible and just sharing the end result of my work. Until very recently, whilst in the process of setting up my Interior design business, I realised ‘what the fudge am I doing?’ I believe that at least 50% of your art/product/services’ value is you as a human and your story. We are living in the digital age, at a time when people want feel a human connection and want to be a part of your imperfect journey, the shiny end result will be great, but your journey🗺can be just as interesting. . 2. Your great success’s will most likely come from your failures🤦‍♀️so enjoy failing! When your setting up a business, there are so many things you find yourself doing that you have never done before, and sometimes some things just wont work out as you would hoped. I think it really helps if you can look it as ‘learning’ rather than ‘failing’… which is really bloody hard and annoying at the time! Try not to worry about getting things perfect first time around…perfectionism is delay tactic (I know this because this is me!) which leads perfectly onto my next tip! . 3. Build the engine whilst you’re flying the plane✈️I heard this on a podcast and thought ‘Why the hell would you ever do that, thats the worst advice ever! No, I will plan everything perfectly and everything will be just fine and then no one will ever see what I have made because it will never be quite perfect… Oh crap…’ This is a total revelation to me and I would encourage all the perfectionists out there to just go for it, make a start and see where it takes you, it is really liberating!Also nerve wracking, but you probably just need to get cracking👍 . #smallbusinessadvice #entrepreneur #hollyandco #businessnuggets #jessicadance 📸 @davidsykesphotography

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